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Brooklyn pizza was founded in 1984 by Carmelo “Carl” Gagliano an Italian descendant New Yorker from Bay Ridge in Brooklyn NY. Carl shaped Brooklyn Pizza fundamentals on service for employees and his customers.

One of his principles he said; ” as an owner I have to serve the people that work with me in order to create the right atmosphere for the customers” Despite being in business for only a few months, Brooklyn Pizza was chosen Orlando’s best pizza in 1985 and 1986 by the people according to a well acclaimed local radio station.bro-delivery01

Brooklyn Pizza has won many Best Pizza awards. Gagliano’s original dough and sauce recipes are still a part of Brooklyn Pizza success today. Now after 30 years Carl Gagliano is proud that Brooklyn Pizza still one of Orlando’s favorite pizza.

founded in 1984 by Carmelo

Founded in 1984 by Carmelo “Carl” Gagliano

In 2005 a group of Argentinian investors purchased Brooklyn Pizza from Mr. Gagliano staying in business for 5 years. In 2011 Armando Scotto brought a new face and administration to Brooklyn Pizza, compiling Mr. Gaglianos business principles, expanding the company to 4 locations in the Orlando area.